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I’m simply….. working

By paolafalconi   /     Nov 01, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

Working in my studio is one of the activities that I love most in my life.

Closing my studio’s door and find myself in my own world is a beautiful experience for a nature like mine.

While I’m working I like to surround myself with objects that I like, objects that recall me someone or something, objects that inspire me.

Here are my last works from the “Birds Series”. The background is done with a Windsor & Newton indigo watercolor. I draw the birds using a watercolor pencil. I like the effect because I love the night that make me think a moment when we all stop and we can find again ourselves.

Night Birds Series #1

Night Birds Series #1


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Looking for autumn colors

By paolafalconi   /     Oct 23, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

One of the moments I prefer during the day is when I walk around my house with my dog Jack. Anytime of the day or night.

Yesterday there was stormy weather with strong wind that cleared the sky perfectly. The final result today was an incredible shiny light that amplified all the color of the nature.

I’ve taken my camera/phone and I’ve started to take a lot of pictures trying to find vivid colors that will inspire me during my winter working days.


Dawn outside my window


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Bright lights and imagination.

By paolafalconi   /     Oct 16, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

I really like to find the beauty in the things surrounding me everyday. In the afternoon, for example, while I was going to pick up my kids at school, I’ve seen the nature around me that was really shining.
Today there was a light north westerly wind (maestrale) that, here in Sardinia means bright colors all around. I love this wind and this light!

Countryside near my house

Countryside near my house


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A midweek quiet morning

By paolafalconi   /     Oct 01, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

Hello friends,
today, after having brought my daughters to school, I’ve gone to the grove close to my house with my dog Jack.
While walking I was thinking that fall is one of my preferred periods of the year.
The grove was quiet and silent and I was enchanted by the pines’ shadows reflected on the ground.


I like underwood and its shadows have always made me daydream, bringing me in a fantastic and undefined world.
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Tales and story books, gnomes and cartoons.

By paolafalconi   /     Sep 25, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

I’ve always loved tales and story books.

When I was young the opportunities to see cartoons on telly were very rare. Only once a week, on sunday morning. And then I grew up spending my days reading and dreaming on my story books.
I still love them today and I collect them a lot as they are a wonderful source of inspiration.
This afternoon I was working in my studio and while I was totally immersed in my activities my daughter Carolina came to me very proud and happy to show me an house of gnomes that she created in the garden.
I suddenly had to take a picture ๐Ÿ™‚


House of Gnomes by Carolina
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