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Daily duties and art escape.

By paolafalconi   /     Sep 16, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

Dear friends,
holidays are now weeks away, the kids are finally back to school and I’m back to my daily duties as mother, wife and artist.
I love my role in the family, it’s tough and intense. Sometimes I would love to take a break as I do during holidays but it’s impossible!
Anyway, as an artist I have a secret weapon that never fails: take my hours off, grab a sheet, my colors, my brushes and …..ESCAPE with my fantasy.
Huggs πŸ™‚

Watercolor on Arches Watercolor Paper. 100% cotton.


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Very busy back to school days.

By paolafalconi   /     Sep 11, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

Last days of holidays for my children…… not holidays for me anymore.
I’m very busy, organizing everything in the house and for the kids that will be back to school next monday.
Anyway, I’m very satisfied because, despite I’m busy with family stuff, I always find some time for my art.
Good night my friends πŸ™‚

Pink Bird
Watercolor, Ink and Collage
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Tidying up the studio for the new season.

By paolafalconi   /     Sep 07, 2014  /     My art

Hello friends!
Today, while tidying up the studio for the new season, I’ve discovered two paintings that I’ve done in 1995 and 1996. I had almost forgotten them.
Giving a look at them I’ve understood that my past can always be a source of inspiration and not something to forget.
It’s time to hang them again in the wall in my studio to recall my early art research.
Have you all a fantastic week πŸ™‚

Acrylic on Canvas and Copper
Paola Falconi 1994


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Welcome home bird.

By paolafalconi   /     Sep 02, 2014  /     Illustrations, My art

Summer holidays are gone and all the family is a little sad for that.
It’s time to go back to school and start the normal family life ……..
…. but once back home we’ve had a fantastic surprise: a friend was waiting for us with a “welcome home” message in its beak.

Welcome Home Bird
Watercolor pencils and chalks
8,3 in x 11,7 in
And these are some pics I’ve taken during my last early morning walk in Villasimius.
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Sea stones!

By paolafalconi   /     Aug 27, 2014  /     My art
During my last days of holidays in Villasimius I’m collecting sea stones that I will use in winter for decorating my house and recall my summertime.
I think it’s lovely to paint them with butterflies, flowers or anything else.
It’s really peaceful.
Why don’t you try and do it yourself!
Butterflies on sea stones.
Ink on Sardinian Granite Sea Stone.
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