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The magic of making a portrait

By paolafalconi   /     Jun 21, 2020  /     Inspiring moments, My art

Testo in italiano in fondo alla pagina

When I decided to make this portrait to the daughter of family friends who is now a young girl, I searched among the many photographs – which fortunately I had – the one with the expression that I think represented her best.

I wanted to fully grasp what was its essence for me, but despite the various attempts I was never satisfied. Looking at the photo and all its light and shadow, I tried to draw the girl, but a very little pencil mark was enough to completely change her expression and not make me reach the desired result. I continued to draw and look at those little features, the expression of the eyes, the lips that hinted at a smile, the crease of the eyebrows, looking for the right proportion and the right balance between all these elements; and while I was doing it, it was as if I was talking to her confidentially, and she was telling me many things about herself.

Portrait of Ludovica

Portrait of Ludovica
Pencil on paper
June 2020


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By paolafalconi   /     May 10, 2020  /     My art

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In 1994 I participated in an exhibition at the “Cittadella dei Musei” in Cagliari. I had just finished the Art Academy and I was full of enthusiasm, young and still without children. For a month I worked hard on this sculpture, which I first made of clay and then of plaster.


Maternità – Paola Falconi – 1994

It was a month of continuous work, every day until late at night, of which I have a beautiful memory. I loved abstract sculpture and I also practiced it, but a part of me wanted to represent motherhood in a figurative way. And so, as always listening to my heart, I ventured into this work.


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Collective Exhibition 2019 – Joining forces is good.

By paolafalconi   /     Feb 09, 2020  /     Inspiring moments, My art

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The first collective exhibition of the artists of the Castia Art Professional Group, the association I belong to, was held in Cagliari on December 14th and 15th 2019. The exhibition, curated by Katy Carta, featured nine artists: Elena Achilli, Cicci Borghi, Christian Castelnuovo, Francesco Cossu, Andrea Forges Davanzati, Paola Falconi, Veronica ParettaMarilisa Piga and Romeo Pinna.


Collettiva 2019 - Artists and organizing team.

Collettiva 2019 – Artists and organizing team. Ph. Christian Castelnuovo.

The exhibition remained open from Saturday afternoon until the end of Sunday and had an excellent success, both for the quantity of visitors and for their quality. As always happens at exhibitions, the insiders came: other artists, curators, journalists and representatives of the institutions. But many collectors and many art lovers also came, in all about 500 visitors. (more…)

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