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Cradle of Incivility

By paolafalconi   /     Jul 05, 2019  /     My art

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With this artwork I describe today’s world, a place where the exaggerated consumption of material goods together with human greediness is destroying the earth. I describe the invasion of plastic, of useless and polluting goods which are only useful for filling our inner emptiness and which we do not need for real.

All of this burden is borne by nature, by the beauty that surrounds us and by the health of all the living beings, in a spiral which ultimately culminates in a cradle made of garbage where an innocent baby to whom we are handing over a world he does not deserve, sleeps.

Making this artwork involved me greatly both physically and spiritually. After the endless flood in the area in Sardinia where I live in, I went to the beach as I am used to do and I found a disaster. I picked up pieces of wood and, together with them, old fishing lines, fishing weights, fishhooks, plastic, toys, pieces of glass… (more…)

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Pure Joy – Pura gioia

By paolafalconi   /     Feb 16, 2019  /     My art

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This artwork was conceived on a cold January evening, when my husband Mario brought me to the new headquarters of his business, “The Net Value” in “Viale la plaia 15” in Cagliari. I wanted to give him an artwork for the inauguration of this wonderful place, which aims at being both a working space and a meeting point for the start-ups and the innovators’ community of the city.

We got into a vast board room, with a long table and a wide empty wall; being alone in the silence of the room, I put myself in front of it and I carefully looked at it, waiting for the inspiration to come. Luckily, after a few days, I clearly pictured in my mind the artwork I wanted to make.

So, I came back to the construction site of the new offices of “The Net Value” and I started working.



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